Extraordinary image quality

Premium technology for superb quality

FONA Art Plus is an advanced digital panoramic system with the latest premium CdTe-CMOS sensor technology. It combines extraordinary image quality, sharpness and contrast with advanced diagnostic tools. Due to the special sensor technology and continuous autofocus function, FONA Art Plus always delivers properly focused images, in both Pan and Pan Ceph versions.

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Excellent Image Quality

Latest direct conversion technology for high resolution, extraordinary sharpness, clarity and lower dose.

to operate

Intuitive and fast setting of the exposure program with just 2 clicks.


No more blurred images and additional exposures – the region of interest is always in focus.


Latest sensor and autofocus technology for the best image quality.

Wide focal zone

Due to patented algorithms, the focal one is up to 30 mm wide, instead of traditional 4 mm. Your region of interest will always be in focus.

Direct Conversion sensor

Direct conversion of X-rays to electrical signals increases the image clarity and contrast while reducing the readout time and dose. Superior Image Quality. 

Intuitive Software

OrisWin DG Suite is the intuitive application for all our extraoral and intraoral units, with customized filters and fast image elaboration process. 


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