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We were at Sino-dental in Beijing and we were doing something different this time!

SINO-DENTAL prides itself to be the largest dental exhibition in China. For 2015, the total exhibition area of 36.000 sq meters welcomed 700 exhibitors from over 24 countries and regions. In 2014, the show was visited by over 100.000 visitors.

Second trade show in China in 2015 for FONA Dental and we are keeping with our commitment to always bring you more.

Our visitors could get their hands-on with our full range of products. When we say ‘hands-on’, we mean it! We prepared an instrument counter, to showcase the high-speed turbines FONA 6060, newly launched in China. The precision of the turbines is remarkable and the charisma of our European team is undeniable. We have got a picture to prove it!

Our sensors line FONA CDR and FONA CDRelite were the center of attention during the sensor positioning demonstrations. Did you know, that the number one solution to taking better intraoral pictures is proper positioning and minimal sensor movement during exposure? Our visitors do now and know how to use our sensor positioning kits to achieve the best results.

Other products we introduced at SINO-DENTAL 2015 were the treatment centers FONA 1000 C Standard and 2000 L, the smart autoclave FONA Hygenius, our 3D imaging flagship FONA XPan 3D, FONA Art Plus, contactless phosphor-plate scanner ScaNeo and IntraOs 70 intraoral x-ray.

The booth was always busy and we still have to get our voices back, now that the show is over. We would like to thank everyone, who visited us. If you did not get to meet us this time, mark your calendars for June 9 – 12, 2016 for SINO-DENTAL 2016.