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Taking it to the next level – Extraoral Imaging

Whether you prefer working the traditional way, want to go digital but without technological gimmicks, or you are looking for an advanced 3D/2D system, FONA has the solution you are looking for! Whichever model you chose, you will have an ergonomically designed, compact, reliable and high value for money unit that delivers excellent 3D, panoramic or cephalometric images. Now, with all the exciting improvements, there was never a better time to go for a FONA Extraoral Imaging system:

New OrisWin DG Suite 4.0 software

  • New GUI for better workflow
  • Designed for touchscreen
  • Advanced 3D functions

More functions and better image quality

  • 3D nerve canal tracing
  • New sensor in XPan DG for better image quality
  • Automatic collimator in the digital Pan/Ceph line

Now with 3 year warranty

  • For all FONA Extraoral Imaging units
  • Applies to all digital sensors and x-ray tubes
  • Valid for all units ordered after 1st of May 2014

Click here to learn more about our Extraoral Imaging product line: https://www.fonadental.com/products-category/extra-oral-imaging/

For more details please contact your local FONA dealer or sales representative.