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Stellaris 3D – Superior CBCT for every indication

Stellaris 3D is the latest star in the FONA product portfolio. It is a 3D CBCT, Panoramic and Cephalometric system, which covers a range of applications – from endodontics, periodontology, surgery, implantology to orthodontics – everything a dentist needs in their daily practice.

Latest sensor technology allows for HD or Eco examinations, making it suitable to use for both adult and child patients. The comprehensive program selection includes full and partial panoramic, panoramic BiteWings, TMJ and sinuses. The seven fields-of-view can be used for diagnosis of a variety of indications. Small volumes start at 5×6 cm for endodontics and go up to 10×10 cm for surgical applications.

Panoramic image
Partial volume post extraction implant planning
Full adult volume 10x10
Sinuses volume 10x10

The minimalist, elegant, space-saving design allows installation of Stellaris 3D in areas where conventional devices would not fit. Smart backlight intuitively suggests when the device is ready to use, creating a calming atmosphere for the patient as an added benefit. Control of the system is available from a PC screen and the unit’s touchscreen. The process of program selection is guided and provides hints for correct patient positioning.

Stellaris 3D is easily upgradeable with a one-shot technology cephalometric arm when needed. The system delivers one-shot cephalometric images with focus on clarity of tracing points of hard- and soft-tissue anatomical structures. Dense areas where tracing points are hard to distinguish are clearly visible. The image is calibrated and ready for cephalometric tracing.

Stellaris 3D is the ideal solution for dentists that are looking for a compact, yet powerful device that can deliver a detailed image after every exposure.