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Silky smooth plate handling for greater image quality

FONA ScaNeo handles the phosphor plates with care

to give you even better images

Did you know, that the most delicate part of the phosphor-plate is the phosphor coating?

With conventional scanners, cylinders or belts are pulling the phosphor-plate through the scanning mechanism, creating more attrition. The more attrition of the plate, the higher the chance for incorrect diagnostic of the x-ray image.

The Contactless Moving Carriage Technology does not touch the plate’s delicate phosphor coating, to limit the amount of scanning process attrition to a minimum.

How does contactless scanning of ScaNeo work?

The Contactless Moving Carriage Technology of ScaNeo uses a carriage, on which a plate rests and is carried through the scanner mechanism without physical contact with belts or cylinders. This prevents scratches caused by transport mechanism, commonly present with conventional scanners. This way the ScaNeo minimizes chance for attrition and delivers long-term high image quality.

No scanner-caused attrition, better images with lower costs

ScaNeo Contactless scanning delivers great images while saving your time

  • Lower attrition keeps plates readable for longer, delivering better & clearer images.

  • Lower attrition maximizes the usage cycle of the plates, this means lower costs for additional plates.

  • No additional cleaning of the carriage mechanism from dirt and grease is required. No sticky cleaning kits, lower maintenance costs and more time spent scanning.


– all the advantages of digital

  • Combines all the advantages of digital imaging with familiar film-like positioning and acquisition process

  • Easy to operate and comfortable for the patient

  • Supports of all common plate sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3

  • High image resolution and wide dynamic range

  • Scanning time from as little as 4,7 seconds

  • Intuitive handling supported by step-by-step guidance on the display

  • Support of multiple computers with OrisWin DG Suite software

  • Easy integration into new or existing clinics thanks to just a LAN connection (no dedicated PC required)




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