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Replacing broken ceramic crown with CAD/CAM-manufactured new one

Clinical case by MUDr. Jan Toman

Case characteristics

Age of Patient: 52 years old

Gender: Female

Area of restoration: Central incisor

Tooth number: 21

Reason for treatment: Replace old broken ceramic crown


To make one central incisor in the upper jaw look like the other is one of most challenging things to do in prosthetics. Because of time and the importance of aesthetics for the patient, we tried to solve this case with MyCrown CAD/CAM system .

Patient first contact

A 52-year-old woman attended our clinic with a broken full ceramic crown on tooth 21. The tooth had endodontic treatment and FRC core post. Then, we decided to make a new full ceramic crown, fabricated by MyCrown. Fig.1.

Fig. 1


We made temporary resin using a self-cure composite (LuxaTemp,DMG), so the patient was able to speak and  bite normally. We prepared everything that we need for the second appointment. Fig.2

Fig. 2

In this appointment, we removed the temporary, slightly corrected preparation, took a digital impression and designed the final crown. To avoid any further breakage of the restoration, CeltraDuo (zirconium reinforced lithium silicate ceramic) was used. Fig.3,4

Fig. 3, 4

The restoration was milled immediately. The patient cooperated with us and we performed some shape corrections and a bite check before glazing. Then glaze and stains were applied. Fig 5.

Fig. 5

The crown was then adhesively bonded to the tooth (Variolink DC, Ivoclar). Fig.6

Fig. 6


This clinical case shows that even challenging treatments, like replacing central incisor crown (while other teeth are natural), could be done effectively and in less time with MyCrown CAD/CAM. With the patient on the chair, we can easily adjust the restoration according to their wishes and achieve success.

About Doctor

MUDr. Jan Toman

MUDr. Jan Toman stomatochirurgie s.r.o.

Owner of the clinic. Graduated from Charles University in Prague, 2006

I am interested in new technologies in general and in dentistry, especially oral surgery. Because I work in the country I need to know everything, including aesthetic prosthetics, endodontics, child care, periodontics.


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