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FONA Tern Turbines

The new FONA Tern Turbines come with integrated patented AeroDynamic brake system, ceramic bearings and offer an excellent power-to-size ratio.

FONA Eagle Contra-angle Handpieces

FONA Contra-angle handpieces are designed to the latest ISO norm with speed up to 200,000 rpm providing a reliable solution for your daily needs.

FONA Stork Straight Handpieces

Master your prosthetic work with FONA Stork handpieces. One of the few straight handpieces available with light for perfect illumination of the grinding and finishing spot.

FONA Jet Air Motors

FONA Jet air motors are designed for lasting performance. With forward/reverse switch and external cooling it is the perfect solution for dentists and dental students.

FONA 8080 high-speed handpieces

Top of the line 8080 turbines offer high power up to 20 W, illumination for clear view and high quality without compromise.

FONA 8060 and 6080 high-speed handpieces

8060 and 6080 turbines will provide you with precision, reliability and performance needed in your everyday work.

FONA 6060 high-speed handpieces

6060 turbines are a cost efficient solution with reduced weight, push-button burr change system and ceramic bearings.