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MyCrown Soirees light up the Bratislava Showroom

Once per month since the launch of MyCrown, local dentists have the unique opportunity to come to the Bratislava showroom and experience our CAD/CAM system firsthand. The small event allows for each attendant to try and discuss questions with our team, as well as check out the rest of the FONA product portfolio.

MyCrown is a complete chairside CAD/CAM system consisting of an acquisition system, design software and manufacturing unit. It allows to create crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and small bridges in just one visit. The lightweight and compact intraoral camera, MyCrown Scan, allows simple manipulation and ensures minimal patient discomfort during acquisition. MyCrown Mill communicates with the acquisition unit via wireless connection and can serve multiple acquisition units for easy sharing.

The soiree takes place after working hours, so dentists can immerse themselves in the relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the evening. Starting with an initial MyCrown presentation, the event continues with the opportunity to try scanning and designing a model, as well as, milling a restoration.

The soiree continued with dentists having the opportunity to discuss MyCrown with our team, ask questions and exchange experience between themselves. Additionally, they could see the rest of the FONA product portfolio displayed in our showroom.

Overall, it was a very pleasant evening that our guests said they really enjoyed.

If you would like to attend the next FONA soiree, check our Upcoming events section for the next dates.