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MyCrown End-User Workshops Have Started

With the launch of complete chairside CAD/CAM system, MyCrown*, this June Bratislava HQ has been filled with dentists, eager to learn how to use and implement it in their dental practice. The first end-user training of the year kicked off with a group from Lithuania. They were introduced to the system in a two-day workshop, filled with presentations and hands-on practice exercises, led by our product specialists and clinical trainer, Dr. Marek Šupler.

*Availability is subject to geographic and registration restrictions.

Dr. Šupler demonstrating MyCrown at IDS 2017

The first day kicked off with a lecture by Dr. Šupler on how MyCrown changed his practice and then moved on to a ‘Clinical Basics’ presentation, which covered preparation, soft tissue and saliva management. Afterwards, the dentists were presented with models they could scan in anticipation of creating their first restorations. The design step was enjoyable for everyone in attendance with intuitive steps guiding them through the process and comfortable touchscreen. After day one, everyone left holding their first MyCrown restoration in their hands.

Dr. Šupler on how MyCrown changed his practice

Hands-on day one practical exercise

The next day followed with real model scanning, where the ‘patient’ was prepared in advance, so no medical procedure was required to perform on-site. The dentists could practice scanning of the restoration area, designing and milling their design in as close to realistic conditions as possible in terms of patient treatment. The day finished with handing out certificates to each dentist, granting them the skill to use MyCrown in their practice.

Designed restoration using MyCrown Design ready to be sent to MyCrown Mill

Day two ‘patient’ scans

MyCrown is a complete chairside CAD/CAM system consisting of an acquisition unit, design software and manufacturing unit. It allows to create crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and small bridges in just one visit. The lightweight and compact intraoral camera, MyCrown Scan, allows simple manipulation and ensures minimal patient discomfort during acquisition.

Complete chairside CAD/CAM system, MyCrown

MyCrown Design software guides the dentist through every step, ensuring smooth performance and ease of use, whilst material properties are under full control throughout the entire process. MyCrown Mill communicates with the acquisition unit via wireless connection and can serve multiple units for easy sharing. The two-spindle system, with wet milling and wet grinding properties, ensures fast manufacturing of restorations with about 12 minutes to produce a crown.

The system is open for export of both scans and designed restorations. They can be sent in STL format to the lab and optimise the approach for every individual case. Blocks from various producers are supported – from glass ceramic restorations, zirconia or hybrid to composite materials for temporaries.

If you want to participate in our next MyCrown training check out our end-user training schedule and enquire at trainings@fonadental.com or contact your local sales representative.