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MyCrown CAD/CAM Event in Bolivia

The magic of CAD/CAM came to the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz in Bolivia this spring with MyCrown.

The complete chairside CAD/CAM system was presented to dentists, who were amazed by its ease of use and quick restoration time, illustrated by creating a digital crown right in front of them, with a live patient in the chair.

The evening, organised in cooperation with our local Bolivian partner, Qualitat, was held at their beautiful showroom, where MyCrown CAD/CAM system is permanently available to see and try. Dentists from the area were invited to come to the event, which included an overview of MyCrown, followed by a restoration, performed in real time with a live patient.

It was a wonderful night, full of emotions, magic and surprises, in which the participating doctors learned a lot about the system in an entertaining way. The guest of honour was Dr. Cesar Zeron, FONA Product Specialist for MyCrown, based in Mexico, who explained step by step how easy it is to create restorations with MyCrown.

MyCrown is a complete chairside CAD/CAM system consisting of an acquisition system, design software and manufacturing unit. It allows to create crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and small bridges in just one visit. The lightweight and compact intraoral camera, MyCrown Scan, allows simple manipulation and ensures minimal patient discomfort during acquisition. MyCrown Mill communicates with the acquisition unit via wireless connection and can serve multiple acquisition units for easy sharing.

We are hosting more and more similar events in the area, so if you would like to join us for the next one, check our Upcoming Events section or get in touch with our Local Team.