Brilliant images for instant diagnosis

Brilliant images for instant diagnosis

StarX PRO sensors are the new FONA Intraoral sensors built with the latest technologies to deliver perfect images at every shot. Thanks to the USB direct connection, StarX PRO provides brilliant and real-time images with a simple and effective plug and play solution.

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Long lasting life

Flexible and resistant cable to grant a long sensor life.

Wide active sensitive area

The slim outline and space saving packaging facilitate the positioning and the visibility of the region of interest while positioning.

Plug and play solution

Thanks to the USB direct connection, StarX PRO is easy to install and always provides brilliant and real-time images.


The sensors are waterproof and dust resistant, easy to disinfect, clean and store.

Dicom Format

The dicom images format and the multiple filters choice are key features for a customized workflow and a perfect diagnosis.

Full mounth Series and compatibility

Multiple functionalities including the Full Mouth Serie, compatible with the majority of the Patient Management Softwares on the market and with the entire FONA digital imaging product range. OrisWin DG Suite will integrate perfectly into your existing dental clinic network.

Dedicated positioners

A dedicated set of positioners and a tailored sensor holder are available for an always perfect positioning, image exposure and clinic workflow.

Sensor sizes 1,2
Measured resolution 20 lp/mm
Theoretical resolution 25 lp/mm
Technology CMOS with CSI scintillator
Pixel Size 20 _m
Sensor Shape Round edges for patient comfort

Sensor activation Plug & play solution, always ready to acquire
Sensor cable length 2 m
Connectivity USB 2.0
Dimensions Size 1: 35,4x28,1x5,3mm; size 2: 39x25x5,6mm
Active area dimensions Size 1: 20x30mm, size 2: 26x34mm
Software OrisWin DG Suite
Operating System Support Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Licenses Up to 10 workstations running simultaneously with one license
DICOM support Yes
Compatibility with Intraoral Generators Yes, both AC and DC technology, 60-70kV


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