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Interview with MDDr. Alzbeta Krsakova about extraordinary digital sensor Stellaris

We have asked MDDr. Alzbeta Krsakova, who had the chance to try out FONA Stellaris, what are her thoughts on the intraoral sensor and digital intraoral imaging in general.


You had a chance to try FONA Stellaris intraoral sensor, how would you describe it in few words?

If I had to describe the experience in one sentence, I would say that it is a user friendly technology, which produces high quality images.

What is your perceived biggest digital intraoral imaging benefit?

I really appreciate the speed of digital imaging. The processing of images is quick and I can work faster. It is also about convenience, as digital images are easier to archive.

What dental cases you cannot imagine diagnosing or treating without an intraoral sensor?

Sensor is very useful for example during endodontic treatment – whether for diagnosis, measurement or assessment of administered therapy.

Do you have a tip or a trick to share when working with intraoral sensor?

When working with digital sensor, always plan sensor position and be mindful of cable management before placing the sensor inside patient’s mouth. You will avoid difficult maneuvering and procedure will be much faster with better image results.

Have you tried other intraoral solutions (plates, film, or other sensors) and if yes, do you have a favorite feature FONA Stellaris does better?

I use both, plates and the Stellaris sensor in my practice. I like that with sensor technology, I get images very quickly on screen and if I need more images at once, I don’t need to wait, to make another exposure.

What do you think is absolutely essential to know, when working with intraoral sensor?

You need to know and use recommended settings for your X-ray machine and your intraoral sensor. I can obtain the best images only with the correct settings and proper sensor positioning technique.

We would like to thank MDDr. Kršáková for taking the time to sit with us.  If you have a story or interesting facts to share or know of someone who does, either with FONA Stellaris or other FONA products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at: marketing@fonadental.com.