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Interview: How MyCrown changed my everyday practice

IDS 2017 is the biennial exhibition where dental companies get the chance to showcase their latest products and shape the next 2 years of dentistry. And this time, FONA came with the biggest news it has ever announced – a complete integrated chairside CAD/CAM system for dentists – MyCrown. We interviewed MUDr. Marek Šupler, MPH, one of the pioneers of MyCrown, on how he found using the system.

How long are you using MyCrown now for?

I am using MyCrown since October 2016, for 6 months now.

How did you find the workflow? Was it easy to learn?

First, I made 2-3 cases on models, to get familiar with it – the software, how to scan. Then I used it on my first patient. It was my friend and it was a very easy case – just a filling. But it took me 3 hours! It was too long but it was the first time, now it takes me around an hour. I used half of the spray can, I wanted to scan every detail – that is why it was so long. The software was very intuitive from the beginning, I love the touch screen! In 5 steps you have a new crown, with MyCrown.

The biggest challenge for you was if you scanned the treatment area well enough?

Yes, because the other steps I have done before – cementation, preparation, isolation of the saliva. The scanning and software creation was the challenge. But it is normal, as with any new technology.

How did you find the support you received from the FONA team?

Perfect. First, I had a training which lasted 2 days. I learned how the software works and how to scan, first on a model and then on a patient. They answered every question I asked. I received continuous support. Then, 4-5 months later I received advanced training. It was on different materials I could use and glazing, staining the material and colour. After the milling, with some materials the crown is rough. Then you have to make it look natural.

How did MyCrown change your practice? When did you start to see the change?

From the very beginning­­­. I used to think differently. Now I started to think strategically how to treat my patients better. This kind of restorations are usually created for endodontic treated teeth. Before MyCrown, I mostly did fillings – so direct restorations, and small overlays. Now my approach was changing. As a crown can protect an endodontically treated tooth better and would last longer, while still completed in one session, it is my first choice instead of a filling. I discuss this option with my patients and they are happy. For them, to get a traditionally made crown on endodontic treated tooth is more complicated. They have to come more times, which takes extra time for them and me, parking in Bratislava city center is terrible, so they are happy. Same as me. Additionally, often there is complexity working with the lab. MyCrown changed my dental practice completely.

Do you find that you can see more patients now?

Yes, definitely. People love new technologies and they talk to each other. They tell their friends and the word spreads quickly. Also, people tell me I am improving. One patient that I have since the beginning of my practice told me: “I can see you are improving, every next time I see you.”

Who would you recommend MyCrown to as a professional in the field?

I think every dentist should have it. Because it’s a perfect tool for me to improve myself. I can see my restorations, preparations 40 times more than before. My first scans were horrible and now I am improving in that area also. But not only from this side. It is also great for patients. Every dentist who cares about their patients should give MyCrown a try.