Enjoy the benefits of digital imaging and advanced technology to get the best panoramic images.

The Challenge

of the panoramic X-ray imaging is to always obtain a clear image across both the lower and the upper jaw. Traditional panoramic technologies work with focal zone of roughly 2-5 mm wide. Combine this with specific morphology of the jaw or suboptimal patient positioning and the result is blurred images.

The solution

is the FONA Art Plus (and Art Plus C with cephalometric arm). It extends the sharp zone by 6-15x when compared to traditional technologies to up to 30 mm wide. Combined with the advanced sensor technology of FONA Art Plus, which is converting radiation directly to digital signal without the need for conversion into light, the acquired images are razor sharp. Digital images are then processed with the patented technology of continuous autofocus, which is finding layers that are always in focus. The complete panoramic image constructed in this method is sharp and without blurred areas.

The patented autofocus technology of FONA Art Plus acquires images, which are more forgiving to suboptimal patient positioning. The advanced Cadmium Telluride CMOS sensor of FONA Art Plus allows to use radiation doses, which may be significantly reduced.

Compact size

All these features and technology may suggest a large unit, but this is not the case. FONA has achieved to create a compact device, which fits into any clinic or dedicated room. FONA Art Plus is also convenient to use. 7 panoramic programs and intuitive unit operation in 2 steps save the time of the operator to an absolute minimum. Cephalometric arm version provides acquisition with 3 additional cephalometric programs. The image clarity of cephalometric images is appreciated by professionals around the world, due to a better clinical readability.

Integration possibilities

FONA Art Plus is delivered together with FONA OrisWin software as a complete panoramic solution. FONA OrisWin also supports other FONA imaging products like 3D CBCT, other panoramics, intraoral systems, intraoral cameras and also 3rd party devices. Integration into a smaller clinic or even larger hospitals is both economic and feasible. 10 computer license for a single network is already included in the OrisWin package, providing cost efficiency out-of-the-box for smaller clinics. Optional support of the advanced HIS systems (PACS, WorkList) delivers the required functionality, when integrating FONA imaging solutions into clinics or hospitals. FONA software is also ready to interconnect with compatible patient management software on various levels.