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FONA dealer DENT Aps opens a new FONA Showroom in Denmark

FONA dealer DENT Aps, opens a new FONA dedicated and fully equipped showroom with a beautiful sea view in a town of Struer in Denmark. Dentists can experience first-hand the complete FONA solution offering.

DENT Aps is a dental equipment dealer company from Denmark, headed by Mr. Henrik Naursgaard, who has invested in a fully equipped FONA dedicated showroom.  This showroom is part of the new DENT Aps initiative ‘SEE IT … TOUCH IT … BUY IT.’ aimed to showcase the features, completeness and interoperability of the FONA dental equipment portfolio.

Customers have a chance to visit a fully equipped practice showroom and experience FONA 2000L treatment center in the highest configuration available, FONA Art Plus, the advanced technology CdTe-CMOS sensor panorama for the sharpest of images, FONA ScaNeo, the contactless phosphor-plate scanner solution, FONA XDC intraoral x-ray unit using the advanced DC technology, intraoral sensors FONA CDRelite, the soft tissue FONALaser and completing the line-up is the latest addition to the FONA product family – the smart Class B autoclave FONA Hygenius. DENT Aps has opted for the best line up FONA has to offer.

Together with the showroom, DENT Aps have also launched a FONA products dedicated portal www.fonadent.dk, where customers can learn more about FONA products in Danish.


DENT Aps plans to run open days and workshops, inviting dentists and clinics to literally ‘SEE IT … TOUCH IT … BUY IT’.


If you want to find out more or even arrange a visit to their showroom, contact DENT Aps here.