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FONA at CEDE 2015 Poznan, Poland — Meet Our Stars

It has been over one week since CEDE 2015 in Poznan, Poland took place.  We attended the show together with our dealer Meditrans and introduced our stars FONA Stellaris, the extraordinary intraoral sensor and FONA Hygenius, our genial class B autoclave – the stars of CEDE 2015.

All the visitors were very interested in the FONA Stellaris, extraordinary intraoral sensor and what we mean by the three key benefits it offers the dentists: absolute freedom, unparalleled diagnostic value of images and light-speed fast workflow.  Our new autoclave FONA Hygenius was also the center of attention, as it expands the FONA hygiene portfolio to include the essential class B autoclave every dental practice needs to complement the advanced DAC Universal all-in-one autoclave.


Innovation is something we at FONA like and we tried our first ever FONA live stream from the show.  In case you’ve missed the live streams, stay tuned to our News section to watch the recordings of the booth tour and clinical lecture by Lek. dent. Mateusz Stolarski and Lek. dent. Maciej Michalak on uses of laser in implantology, featuring the universal FONALaser.

It’s never a dull moment with FONA and our dealers and CEDE 2015 was no exception. A caricaturist put our visitors’ visage to a different perspective and all activities happened to the marvelous scent of an extraordinary coffee, prepared by a professional barista.

The amount of meetings held at the CEDE 2015 booth was quite impressive and we loved the opportunity to get closer to our Polish and European customers with our extraordinary business partner Meditrans.

Mark your calendars, as next year, Poznan, Poland will be hosting the FDI 2016 from September 7 to 10, 2016. Looking forward to meeting you there!