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FONA around the world: FONA takes a very detailed digital look at Belarus!

FONA product portfolio offer grows

Following the launch of complete range of FONA hand pieces, starting with the essential FONA 6080C all the way to the full featured FONA 8080L with LED light, the product offer continually grows.

FONA digital imaging solutions arrive

During a Dentistry of Belarus 2015 event in Minsk, Belarus, which FONA attended for the 4th time, the international dental company introduced complete digital imaging solutions now available to Belarus dentist.

The best in digital imaging solutions FONA has to offer is now available in Belarus and both intraoral and extraoral applications are now provided.

Extraordinary intraoral and extraoral digital images

The all-purpose FONA CDR intraoral sensor and its bigger “brother” FONA CDRelite with advanced CMOS APS sensor for great image quality.

The ideal companions to FONA intraoral sensors are the X-ray units. FONA XDG with the finest focal point of only 0.4 offers the sharpest image results. If dentists need to go a step further, the FONA XDC X-ray unit offers all the benefits of XDG with added advanced DC technology.

The challenge of the panoramic X-ray imaging is to always obtain a clear image across both the lower and the upper jaw. FONA now offers its flagship CBCT unit FONA XPan 3D, which combines the 2D and 3D imaging in a single and compact unit. FONA XPan 3D offers the volume of 8,5 x 8,5 cm, which is large enough to capture even the area which is retromolar. Even the region of Nr. 8 tooth both in upper and lower jaw is in view. The application of FONA XPan 3D is definitely the dento-alveolar surgery and implantology.

If panoramic solution is what the dentist is after, FONA introduces FONA XPan DG, the entry into the digital extraoral panoramics.  It’s easy operation, great image quality and the same compact body of FONA XPan 3D is a combination, which is difficult to resist.

FONA and the precious metals

We attended the Dentistry of Belarus 2015 with our business partner Citydent.  We had the pleasure of awarding a title of FONA Bronze Champion to Mr. Andrey Vasiliev, Director and Mr. Uladzimir Zabela Co-founder and manager of Citydent.  The title and the medal for extraordinary achievement and performance during the IDS 2015 challenge was handed over by FONA Head of Sales for Russia & CIS, Andrey Afanasyev.

FONA in the spotlight

The FONA booth was shining the brightest during the exhibition.  We are very glad we attracted many visitors and inspired many competitors and concluded a very successful exhibition presence by being featured in a report of Belarus central TV channel the “Belarus 1”.