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FONA Around the World: FONA Day in Minsk

This April our partner Citydent hosted a FONA day in Minsk, Belarus, in cooperation with our team in the area. Over 50 local dentists with different specialisations gathered to find out the latest in modern digital technologies and explore the “world of 3D.”

The one day event kicked off with a presentation of the new FONA product portfolio, including our 10 new products revealed at IDS 2017. Product Specialist, Sean Royle, explained in-depth how CBCT technology can be beneficial to any dental practice. Then he went on to present XPan 3D and its main features.

Key Opinion Leader for FONA in Georgia, Dr. Galaktion Makhviladze PhD, presented clinical cases conducted with XPan 3D and shared his practical experience with using the system. He pointed out how 3D technology helped him avoid diagnosis mistakes and shared how it improved his treatment planning and everyday work. Additionally, Dr. Halina Severina, shared practical experience on the possibilities XPan 3D opens for a dental practice.

XPan 3D is a compact 2-in-1 system that delivers 8,5 x 8,5 volume in just 10 seconds. The 3D voxel size of only 160 µm combined with 14-bit dynamic range, which equals more than 16.000 gray-levels, ensures high image quality after each exposure. Additionally, XPan 3D takes up as little space as 2D and has a free-standing baseplate, allowing it to fit into every dental practice hassle-free.

The day went on with free time during which the dentists could exchange knowledge and experience, while enjoying live classical music and drinks. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to test FONA products hands-on and receive helpful tips from the Product Specialist team.

If you would like to participate in the next FONA day or experience our complete product portfolio, check out where we will be in Upcoming Events or contact one of our Sales Representatives.