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FONA and Italy Go Great Together!

We have teased a few pictures from the Amici di Brugg exhibition at our Facebook fan page already. You already know this, if you are a fan on Facebook. If you are not, we would like to invite you to like us and keep up to date on the latest news and more sneak peek into where we are closer to you!

The Amici di Brugg exhibition, running 58 years strong, has been yet another great chance for FONA to meet with its customers and partners in Italy from the 21st to the 23rd of May. We always like to bring you something new, wherever we go and Rimini was no exception to this.

We introduced, for the first time in Italy, the new FONA booth concept. It provides our visitors with, what we believe is, a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, to learn more about FONA products and meet with our team.

To kick-off the exhibition on Thursday, we have started off with a “Happy hour” event, welcoming visitors with refreshments and drinks. Friday was dedicated to study and learning — we have prepared an XPan 3D Clinical Workshop, showing ways of working with our flagship extra-oral imaging solution XPan 3D, together with useful tips and tricks for getting the best results in patient treatments. Visitors could also test their dental treatment prowess by helping our little patient Nina get rid of her caries, by playing an interactive time-trial game with prizes to win every day.

In terms of products introduced at the exhibition, we have launched our autoclave the FONA Hygenius — the reliable and convenient hygiene solution for every dental practice. We also introduced our most advanced top-of-the-line premium resolution and low noise intra-oral sensor — FONA Stellaris. FONA Stellaris provides the crucial detail for dental cases requiring the highest precision, such as implants applications. We were thrilled to unveil our FONA Implant 3D software, which allows implant planning. This makes the FONA Stellaris and the FONA Implant 3D software the perfect pair for every dental practice serious about implant treatments.

We have also been working on a special project, which we believe changes the way you interact with FONA and our products. We are very excited to have been able to demonstrate in Rimini the first working version of our very own FONA AR application — the augmented reality application for smart devices. It currently lets you view and interact with our FONA 2000L treatment center in a completely new and very “hands-on/eyes-on” way.

We welcome you to give our FONA AR application a spin! Head over to FONA AR at Google Play store for Android devices or to FONA AR at iTunes App Store for Apple devices. If you want to learn more about upcoming features and updates to our FONA AR app, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and visit our News section.

We would like to thank all of you, who have visited us at the Amici di Brugg in Rimini this year. We always like to welcome you, wherever we may be.

If you were not able to make it this time, worry not, because we are already busy at work on the FONA Amici di Brugg video. It will be ready soon and posted on our website and Facebook fan page!!