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FONA and Italy Go Great Together – now with pictures and sound!

As promised, we are bringing you a look back at the Amici di Brugg exhibition from Rimini, Italy. Walk with us around our booth, watch our colleagues and visitors having conversations and enjoying our products.


“Our intraoral line-up was represented by FONA XDC, the advanced DC technology x-ray, image plate scanner ScaNeo, which does not touch the plates during scanning, imaging software OrisWin and FONA XDG x-ray with the finest focal spot of 0.4 for sharp images. Art Plus C with Ceph panorama solution is the best in 2D imaging with state-of-the-art Cadmium Telluride CMOS sensor for pictures so sharp, you won’t believe it’s an x-ray image. The beauty and functionality come together in our FONA 2000L treatment center our most advanced and feature rich treatment center solution. From our intraoral sensors, the star was our most advanced premium high resolution sensor FONA Stellaris. Stellaris provides the much needed detail for the highest precision dental treatments. CDRelite and CDR in all sizes were in Rimini to see, as well. We have launched our autoclave FONA Hygenius — the reliable and convenient hygiene solution for every dental practice. Our imaging line-up would not be complete without the 3D power-house – FONA XPAN 3D, which is a beautiful match with our Implant 3D Software allowing for simulation and planning of implants, making the FONA imaging and the Implant 3D Software the perfect tool for every dental practice serious about implant treatments.”

If you’re around next year, do not forget to wave into the camera!