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FONA 2000L – A touch of excellence

Introducing the high-end treatment center FONA 2000L, without first introducing the FONA brand, would be telling just half of the story.

An idea, born in Germany, took shape at IDS 2011, when the FONA brand has been introduced to the world.  A global brand with manufacturing across 3 continents of the world.

The FONA product portfolio now offers treatment centers, instruments, autoclaves, soft tissue laser and a wide range of extra and intraoral imaging products.  All built with one philosophy in mind, keeping closer to the customers.  Philosophy about importance of understanding, what dentists really need.  This has driven the creation of FONA 2000L – the top treatment center from FONA, designed to be elegant, ergonomic and provide high level of customization.


Rich configuration

FONA 2000L offers both of the popular options of dentist elements: hanging hose or whip-arm.  The dentist elements may be equipped with up to 6 instruments in total.  A selection of high-quality German turbines or brushless motors, scaler with endo function or intra-oral camera – each instrument available with LED light.  Completing the instrument range are a SPRAYVIT syringe and a curing light.

Assistant element comes with up to 4 instrument slots, which may be outfitted with saliva ejector, strong suction, curing light, SPRAYVIT syringe or intra-oral camera.  The assistant element installation is possible in 2 or 4 hand treatment configurations.

The option of multimedia system with monitor and intra-oral camera offers the dentist with a completely new level of dentist-patient communication possibilities, explaining the procedure or documenting the results.  Moreover, the multimedia system may be fully integrated with almost any patient management system.

FONA 2000L is ready for any dental practice setup, because it provides all suction types, whether wet, semi-wet or dry suction with amalgam separator.

Premium features and materials

The 2000L treatment center is the high-end offering from FONA, which is underlined by the use of premium technologies and materials.

Die cast aluminum elements used in the construction of the FONA 2000L are keeping the frame light, but sturdy, providing the FONA 2000L with a certified minimum patient carrying capacity of 165 kg.

FONA ErgoMotion gives the patients sitting in the chair a sense of flying first class, because the backrest and the seat move together in sync, to create an ergonomic motion, which never squeezes the patient into an uncomfortable angle.

All lighting in FONA 2000L is delivered with LED technology, both for instruments and the operating light.  Operating LED light may be controlled with a hand motion sensor and its smart light source arrangement provides consistent vision to the dentist, who never completely obstructs the light source, while working.

The ceramic spittoon, with raised outer trim, creates an interesting visual element, which is also functional.  The raised trim prevents unwanted splashing during patient spitting.


Undisputed safety

Safety is an integral part of the FONA 2000L, protecting both the doctor and the patient.

Pressure sensors of the anti-collision system stop the chair movement, whenever there is any resistance detected.  Moreover, chair movement is locked-down during instruments operation, to prevent accidental activation and patient injury.

Cross-contamination may be a serious topic for a dental practice, but not with the complete hygiene package of FONA 2000L.  Water decoupling of the system prevents any contamination of water source within the practice; the purge and the sanitation processes cleanse instrument hoses after use and the permanent water disinfection solution constantly disinfects water flowing through the FONA 2000L system.


Beauty like no other

FONA 2000L is German straight from the drawing board.  Designed by an award-winning German design studio and engineered by German dental specialists, it is a true German beauty.

Upholstery options come in two material variations, either 5 smooth luxury upholstery or an inviting 3 comfort upholstery shades, offering in total a selection of 8 upholstery variations.