The largest 3D puzzle in the shape of a tooth, symbol of international cooperation, was put together by FONA Dental

You may know, that during this year’s IDS 2015, we have attempted a Guinness world record for the largest 3D puzzle in the shape of a tooth.  The news of our attempt travelled to over 60 countries worldwide and reached at least 200.000 readers, thanks to the help of the Sirona PR department.  I am, now, very glad to be able to say: We did it!

We have been successful in our Guinness world record attempt for the largest 3D puzzle in the shape of a tooth!


FONA achieves a World Record during the IDS 2015 dental show. FONA and their guests at a festive FONA Night event, taking place at the Cologne Schokoladenmuseum, have put together the world’s largest 3D tooth puzzle of 531 pieces. This achievement secures the dental business company an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

FONA found the inspiration for the record in a gimmicky idea: In a place, where everything centers on chocolate, they have decided to pull the attention to a tooth. The 3D puzzle, as tall as 2,52m, secured the company an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Over 400 business partners from the dental industry from all around the world have participated in the world record attempt.

The 531 different puzzle pieces making up the tooth, represent FONA’s rich product portfolio, ranging from treatment units, instruments, laser, hygiene solutions and imaging devices. For over 10 years, now, the FONA brand offers the dentists everything they need to successfully treat their patients. All FONA products meet the highest of international quality standards and convince the customers through attention to comfort of usage and price efficiency of its products. It is this strategy, which allowed this business, headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, to grow into a successful international brand since the 2004, year of its founding. The 3D puzzle is an indication of how close a relationship the FONA brand has with its international business partners. They share experiences and ideas to bring their customers the best products possible. “We, at FONA, are living the close cooperation with our business partners every day,” said Jürgen Kiesel. “It is nice to see this cooperation come to life in the form of this world record.”