Expodental Rimini 2016

Thank you all for great atmosphere at Expodental Meeting in Rimini. We would like to thank everyone, who visited our stand.

We are already looking forward to meeting you at the next event, where
we will show you even more exciting news and products from FONA.

Congratulations to our competition winners

Competition is over.

Congratulations to everyone
who participated in the da Vinci’s puzzle contest.

The lucky winners are

Fabio Cordisco, Simone Crisciani, Giuseppe Barassi
Thank you for participating
and stay tuned for more exciting news.
FONA Dental at Expodental Meeting

Italian excellence in dental radiology

Italy, the country of world famous inventions and the origin of progressive industrial ideas had been inspiring the breakthrough inventions for centuries.

Motivated by our long history of inventors such as Leonardo da Vinci, we at FONA follow this tradition. In our factory in Milano we challenge ourselves to bring you the most exceptional dental solutions.

When designing new products, our engineers focus on making them functional, ergonomic, easy-to-use and reliable, so they can meet your daily needs in the best possible way. Our experienced designers rely on many years of experience and feedback from a wide customer base.

That is why FONA represents the Italian excellence in dental radiology.