MyCrown end user training

30 - 31 January 2019 Bratislava, Slovakia

Training for end-users of FONA MyCrown

Training Module : “MyCrown user”

The training module introduces CAD/CAM MyCrown as single-visit dentistry, supported indications, covers topics how to prepare, scan and design the restoration with the MyCrown system and consists of theoretical and practical workshop part (spraying, scanning, design, polishing, seating of the restoration), regular use and maintenance and work ergonomy. Additionally, the commercial subjects are covered – how to sell full-ceramic restorations.

Basic materials use (Feldspar ceramics, temporary materials), with the full range of clinical indications (crowns, bridges up to 3, veneers, inlays, on lays).

Format: Workshop 60% + Lectures 40%

Duration: 2 full days (2 x 8 h)


Masters in dentistry, experience with conventional preparations, impressions and restorations

Commercial DEMO of MyCrown has been delivered.

Required: YES

Trainer: FONA Clinical trainer + FONA product specialist

Target: Preparation to perform the On-Line wrap-up training + knowledge verification to obtain the Activation license key.

Location: FONA facility Bratislava, Slovakia

Capacity: 8-10 dentists

Course fee: 500 EUR

Costs sharing: as per FONA standards – participants cover their own transport and accommodation costs, FONA covers airport transfer, local taxis and meals during the training.

Certificate: Yes, permanent
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