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Challenge in the premolar zone

Clinical case by Dr. Timea Orban

Case characteristics

Age of Patient: 28 years old

Gender: Male

Area of restoration: Upper premolar zone

Tooth number: 14

Reason for treatment: Coronary fracture


28 years old male pacient came with a coronary fracture caused by a caries on 14., needing an endodontic treatment (Fig. 1). We decided to make a full ceramic crown with MyCrown. A single crown case is always a challenge for me to get the expected aesthetics even if it is not necessarily in the front zone.

Fig. 1


In the first visit i made the endodonthic treatment, and also the bont reconstruction, removing all dental decay. The day after he came for the crown. I prepared the tooth to make space for the restauration. I extended my preparation below the gum line. After I got the desired shape, I inserted 2 kind of retraction cord, size 0 and size 1. I scanned the tooth, registered the buccal bite, drawed the margins, defined the insertion axis, then I began to design the crown, having in mind all the anatomy of the premolars, but also the pacients desires.
We used Sirona Cerec Block C PC, A3C shade, and the crown was ready in 9 minutes (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

After polishing and glazing the crown, I cemented it using a rubberdam with Theracem (Bisco). Fig. 3.

Fig. 3


This clinical case proves that even difficult treatments could be done efficiently and in a short time with MyCrown CAD/CAM.

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Dr. Timea Orban

Dr Orban Timea Dentistry Clinic

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