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Brand New imaging software – OrisWin DG Suite 4.0

FONA OrisWin DG Suite software is at the core of all of our digital imaging products. The launch of version 4.0 is a major step forward bringing substantial improvements in the user experience, functionality and integration of all FONA imaging products. Among other major updates the New version OrisWin DG Suite 4.0 software offers:

New GUI for improved workflow

    • Intuitive main toolbar
    • Simplified and quicker patient search
    • Bigger thumbnails, fast image preview and full screen views of radiographic images

Designed for Touch Screen

      • Touch-ready GUI design
      • Can be directly installed on Windows 8 devices
      • Possibility to fully operate the acquisition PC via any portable device with remote access software

3D module nerve canal tracing

      • Easily mark the nerve canal in 3D within the acquired volume

Other new features

  • Custom filters can be easily created by combining any number of the available filters
  • New filtering-preview option – see the effect of the main filters before they are applied
  • Archive patient data easily to any portable storage device (e.g. USB)
  • Emergency button – available for direct image acquisition without need for immediate patient registration, allowing the most flexible workflow
  • And much more…

For more details please contact your local FONA dealer or sales representative.