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Aesthetic Gingivoplasty Clinical Case

DR Edgar García Hurtado

24 Year Old Patient. Reason of the consultation: Design of the smile.

Patient will have ceramic veneers done on frontal teeth, we will do the diagnosis and planning for the smile design. There is no balance in the height of Zenith points – the highest points of countours. It is determined to perform Gingivoplasty. (1)

We performed probing, to verify biological width and to determine the possibility of doing the procedure with FONALaser (2)

Making a continuous cut without stopping, we cut the margin to the height that is determined by the mock-up placed in the mouth.



Check after 8 days.
Note the excellent healing of the intervened area.

In 14-13-12 the highest points of countours are in the same high. Preparations are made for 0.3 mm supragigival veneers. We take the impression and temporalize with bis-acryl. (3-4)

Freshly cemented ceramic veneers


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DR Edgar García Hurtado

Specialist in Oral Rehabilitation
Bogota – Colombia

In my clinical experience I have been able to verify the good standard of quality and precision of FONALaser.

The great diversity of uses makes the FONALaser an indispensable tool for dentists who want to be at the forefront.

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