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About Us

We are an established global dental equipment company. Through decades of experience and deep understanding of the dental profession, we deliver complete, reliable and accessible solutions. Regardless of country or specialisation, every dentist can find a fitting solution in FONA today.


As our knowledge and expertise grow, so does our range. Our international team is constantly on the move, meeting partners and dentists, so we can understand their needs and develop products that support and enhance their daily work.


Every dental solution you need, FONA

Imagine The Possibilities


Jürgen Kiesel
General Manager FONA
In the dental industry since 2003

Nhon Holl-Trieu
General Manager FONA China
In the dental industry since 2013

Felice Grandini
General Manager FONA Italy
In the dental industry since 1999

Everyone around the world deserves
a happy and healthy smile, we will make
it a reality.


Our patients, dentists and partners are
inspiring us every day. With all our
knowledge, passion and experience, we
provide complete modern dental solutions
to improve global dentistry.

We are passionate about what we do.We look at the bright side of life. We inspire others to push their limits. We love what we do, because we know, that at the end of the day, we are helping everyone get happier and healthier.
Everyone matters.We care for our customers, colleagues and environment. We are watching after one another, because together we can achieve more, go further and aim higher. We take care of ourselves. We promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being, as we believe that a healthy work-life balance is important to happiness, and happiness is a fuel to do better and greater things. That’s what makes us different.
Open Mind
We are open to new ideas, diversity and welcome change.We respect each other and welcome diversity no matter the culture, race, colour, religion (creed), gender, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status or sexual orientation of the individual. We welcome change, because we believe openness gives us insight, which we use to create better products for our customers every day. We don’t judge, but carefully listen to understand better.
We think out of the box.If everyone is doing it, it does not mean it’s the only way. We are curious, ask questions and look for smart solutions. We educate ourselves and inspire ourselves to stay creative and do things differently. We love innovation.
We believe in trust and honesty.We believe that we have “nothing to hide” from our customers, business partners and employees. By being honest, we build trust. We know that to err is human, and we are ready to admit our shortcomings. We learn from them, because they make us stronger. We are authentic – the FONA face you meet every day is the same, whether you are a customer or an employee.
Strive for Excellence
We continuously develop ourselves.We are professionals in our own fields. We study, acquire new skills and help others with their development. We keep our promises and deliver results. We are delivering excellent products, services and spirit looking our best – representing FONA in a professional way with a smile on our face.
FONA Around the World

FONA Headquarters
Bratislava, Slovakia
Our headquarters where Sales, Controlling, Marketing, IT, HR and Operations teams are based.

FONA Italy
Assago, Italy
Production site for 2D and 3D imaging systems, software, intraoral X-rays, phosphor plate scanners and sterilisers.

FONA China
Guangzhou, China
Production site for FONA 1000 and 2000 treatment center lines.
Experience meets Quality
We have years of experience in dental and think about our dentists when we design and create our products. Thinking about the future, we carefully select from the highest quality materials to ensure our products will last the test of time. We are proud of every single unit we produce and guarantee its quality.
Designed for Dentists
We are always in touch with our dentists and partners. We want our products to reflect the daily workflow, challenges and needs of every dentist. All units we release have undergone vigorous testing to ensure they are, in practice, easy to use and contribute to the daily work life challenges of each dental professional.
Global Presence
We have developed a global network of sales representatives and technical service teams to be there for you when you need them. Our experienced international teams meet customers every day to make sure they understand our products and use them to get the maximum benefit.

2010Foundation of FONA Headquarters in Bratislava (Slovakia).

2011Introduction of FONA to international markets at IDS 2011. Launch of Imaging products. Starting to build international sales network.

2012Launch of Instruments, ScaNeo, Intraoral Sensors, DAC, Art Plus.

2013Launch on IDS 2013: 2000 L, XPan 3D, XDC, Low speed Handpieces. New Corporate design.

2014New factory in Italy (Assago) with state-of-the-art production lines.

2014Launch of FONA 1000 new generation.

2015New factory in China (Guangzhou) with state-of-the-art production lines.

2015Launch of FONA class B Steriliser, High resolution sensor Stellaris.

2016Launch of Durion & Campeon, XPan 3D Plus & new Intstrument Line

2017Launch of Stellaris 3D, Enduro, Aquamarine, Purgenius, new Imaging Software & Campeon Essence

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