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FONA started back in 2004 as a Treatment Center brand, with products made by our factory in Foshan, China. Since then, we have developed into a fast-growing, global and dynamic brand, continuously developing a comprehensive product portfolio that – besides Treatment Centers –already includes Instruments, Hygiene, Laser and a wide range of Imaging products.

Though still a young brand, we have already successfully passed several milestones in our development, and look forward to continuing growth in the future:

  • March 2013 – IDS 2013
    • Introduction of new products, including: 2000 L, XPan 3D and XDC
    • Launch of new Corporate Design
    • Opening of the new, enlarged corporate headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • March-November 2012 – Launch of new products
    • New Instruments
    • Widening of Imaging product portfolio with ScaNeo, Intra-Oral sensors and Art Plus Pan/Ceph system
    • First FONA Hygiene system, DAC UNIVERSAL, introduced
  • March 2011 – IDS 2011
    • Introduction of the FONA brand to international markets
    • Launch of Imaging product line
    • Launch of Instruments and FONALaser
  • November 2010 – Establishment of FONA Dental s.r.o. corporate headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 2009 – Introduction of new FONA logo and visual identity
  • 2007 – Acquisition of BlueX, Assago, Italy (today FONA s.r.l.)
  • 2006 – Launch of FONA 1000 Treatment Center product line
  • 2004 – Foundation of Sirona Dental Systems Foshan Co., Ltd. (producer of FONA Treatment Centers)