Product Specialist FONA MyCrown CAD/CAM

21 March, Bratislava, Slovakia

FONA MyCrown ambassadors will be selected in target countries. Goal is to prepare attendee to perform local trainings in local language, which allows to penetrate the market faster and in controlled way. Range of Basic training content must be trained to cover all necessary areas and topics.


MCTT1 – Module “Train-the-trainer training FONA MyCrown CAD/CAM “

Scope is how to present the technology, advantages, costs positions, marketing of the dental office, and how to transfer the knowledge to attendees who see the CAD/CAM for the first time. Aim is to master soft skills for ergonomy, ease of use and time advantage coming with FONA MyCrown. 1 day to be focused on hands-on part, 1 day to be dedicated for presentation skills. This module is also required for FONA Product Specialists CAD/CAM.

Training in the location requires min. 5 units to be available for training purposes, equipped with lecture room, possibly multiple 3-5 fully operational treatment centres and other accessories listed for TM1 training module as requirements.


Duration: 1 full day (1 x 8 h)

Pre-requisite: module “How to start with FONA MyCrown CAD/CAM”

Required: YES, for FONA Clinical trainers

Trainer: FONA Clinical trainer + FONA product specialist

Target: To be able to transfer the story of MyCrown and teach how to use it.

Location: FONA training facility – Bratislava, Slovakia

Capacity: 10 dentists = trainers

Course fee: est. – 2500 EUR (voucher can be applied)

Costs sharing: as per FONA standards

Certificate: Yes, expires after 1 year