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Closer to Nature with FONA’s New Range of Straight and Contra-angle Handpieces

We are excited to introduce our latest range of rotary instruments, featuring straight and contra-angle handpieces and air motor, truly inspired by nature.

Made to the highest quality standards in Germany, the new handpieces carry the names Colibri, Eagle, Stork and Jet. Resistant and powerful, the handpieces are equipped with an all-new sure grip zone and improved ergonomics for ease of use.

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With an excellent power-to-size ratio, Colibri is FONA’s most reliable, powerful and at the same time quiet turbine yet. The specially designed spray nozzles with high quality ball bearings produce a more pleasant sound while the integrated patented AeroDynamic brake system ensures protection of the rotor at the highest speeds. Autoclavable at 135°C it fulfills the highest hygiene standards. The turbine also features dual anti-retraction ensuring more safety for you and your patients.

The Eagle contra-angle handpiece uses an excellent combination of lightweight durable material shaped according to latest ISO standards. The head with diameter only 8.7 mm and built-in light, allows you to clearly see the treatment area. It is not only light but also fast with available speed up to 200,000 rpm thanks to its INTRAmatic connection, push button and vibration-free operation.

The Stork straight handpiece was designed to assist you in, for example, prosthetic work. With its single material body construction and versatile use opportunities due to the already included burr reduction it is simply reliable and convenient. The Stork is also available with light, making it one of the few straight handpieces with this element.

The Jet Air Motor was named after the fast flowing air currents – Jet streams. Made of durable material with efficient design and performance it is the perfect tool for all dentists and dental students.

The new FONA straight and contra-angle handpieces and air motor compliment the already existing portfolio of proven quality FONA turbines all created to fulfill your daily needs.